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1. Select Product


Browse our eyelashes collection on main page sub categories, "STYLE" and "EYE SHAPE".


2. Add To Cart


Click “ADD TO CART” button after you found your favorite eyelashes. Then click “CONTINUE SHOPPING” to browse another eyelashes products or click "SHOW CART" if you want to proceed the billing.

3. Member Registration

You can sign up and register as our member so you can check your order history easily,but it's optional. You can check out as guest too. Don't forget to fullfil the shipping and billing address and information


3. Shipping & Payment Method


Choose your shipping method. Please type your CITY correctly in the text area provided and our system will autofill it for you. Select the correct STATE . Our shipment tariff  is based on TIKI/EMS shipping tariff .Payment method will be Bank Transfer or Paypal.

FYI: Meanwhile we are still improving our website system,we will calculate the shipment fee manually and inform it via email/text with the total billing before you confirm the payment.Sorry for the inconvenience.All total billing will be sent via our official email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


4. Check out


Review your address, purchase . If one of them is incorrect you can edit it.


5. Confirm Purchase

Click the "CONFIRM PURCHASE" ,then our system will automatically send you the purchase order confirmation email, please notice that the automatic email is not the total billing/invoice. We will send the total billing/invoice with shipping fee/discount immediately via our official email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   .


5. Confirm Payment


Meanwhile,we are improving our website system,after you made payment via Bank Transfer/Paypal. Please send the payment confirmation via sms/email/whatsapp with text format:

1. Name/Nama:


2. Order Number/No.Order:


3. Purchase Order Amount (IDR)/Nilai Pembelian:

4. Paypal/Bank account name for VIXEN Transaction/Nama Akun Paypal/Bank yang Digunakan    Untuk Transaksi:

and we will settle your order and product shipment . All information is will be sent to your designated email.


FYI: maximum time for payment confirmation will be 3x24 hours or your order will be automatically cancelled


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